Custom Log Home Designers

Log homes are becoming more and more popular but you may find it hard to find a log home designer. There are several such companies however. Traditionally these companies advertised in home related magazines but now thanks to the internet, you can find them online.

If you are looking for a custom log home designer and can't wait to begin your life in a new log home then start your search online. Here are a couple sites to get you started.

Cedar Mill Custom Log Homes at

Cedar Mill Custom Log Homes is an exceptional custom log homes builder and manufacturer that offers exceptional designs for building dream homes. As one of the best custom log homes builders, they make full package designs using high quality log, and other building materials to create an excellent result.

Cedar Mill Custom Log Homes is actually a member of the Dream Homes of America group of companies, and they have been recognized as the leader in the home package industry for more than 30 years. Undoubtedly, many people have been pleased with the quality of Cedar Mill Custom Log Homes.

Neville Log Homes at

Neville Log Homes is another remarkable custom log homes manufacturer and builder that has dedicated their time not only in providing excellent custom log homes but also for building many different combinations of excellent roof systems. At Neville Log Homes, it is noted that the old-age construction standard of custom log homes were even made better. This is for the fact the company designed several various sizes of dormers and they applied "all-log" construction in establishing custom log homes. And to make their custom log homes construction even better, they introduced two of their methods of custom log homes construction, and these include the Swedish Cope and Full Round Chink Style.

For particular emphasis the Swedish Cope method of custom log homes construction offers a greater stability and strength in every log for the fact such custom log homes method provides a full weight bearing arc in each log, running the entire length and concretely matching the arc of the log below. As such, many of the customers noted that this method of custom log homes construction provides strong yet attractive dormers. On the other hand, the Full Round Chink Style is a method intended for those who love the more boorish look of the "chink style" custom log homes.

Tomahawk Log and Country Homes at

Tomahawk Log Homes is noted to be one of the best custom log home manufacturers that offer one of the greatest qualities and most wholly sequestered custom log homes or commonly called as log cabins in the half log home industry. As being one of the best custom log homes manufacturers, the Tomahawk Log Homes has master log home designers and staffs that are responsible for aiding you throughout the design, constructions, and beyond the actual manufacturing.

For that matter, Tomahawk Log Homes as a custom log homes provider classified their custom log homes into several categories with its distinct elements such as the Country Retreat, Ranch, Traditional, Prow and Designer custom log homes. So if you are interested with one of these categories, try to visit their site and maybe you will find that one of those custom log homes categories is the perfect home for your lifestyle and dream.

Now you have three top quality log home designers ready to help you design and build your dream home. You might also be able to locate a log home builder close to your area and arrange to take an in-person tour of a completed home.