3M Electrical Tape

Electric tapes are adhesive tapes that are used mainly for insulating electric wires from materials that can harm them. They are made from insulating materials so that they do not allow conductivity to pass through. They can be used on anything that conducts electricity and can protect the wires from various elements, heat and UV effects. The fact that they are used in so many applications makes them a necessary item in the tool box of any technician. The material that these electrical adhesive tapes are made of is called vinyl. The company that invented this amazing product was 3M and even though many companies have copied the original design or modified it slightly, the pioneer company has maintained its leadership and still has a major share in the market.

Among the various kinds of electric tapes that 3M produces, the most commonly used is the 3M 1710 Tartan electrical tape. This is the most well known variety that is available in the market and used by electricians, technicians and the common man. This basic version of the tape is relatively cheap and can resistant fire, UV damage, acids, alkalis and even moisture.

A slightly upgraded version of the original 3M electrical tape is the Scotch Vinyl 35 electrical color coding tape. This tape is almost identical to the 1710 Tartan except for the fact that it is available in some 9 different bright colors. The color coding helps electricians to use different colors on different kinds of wires. They could want to use this color coding to identify various wires like active, earthing and optical. The Scotch Vinyl 35 is suited to help the electricians and all others to do just that.

For special applications that may need elasticity, the Super Scotch 33 Plus was developed. Other than the fact that it has an elastic nature, it also has the property of being extremely compatible with various surfaces. This tape is generally used with PVC and can hold up to 600volts of electricity.

The latest of the inventions and modifications on the traditional electric tape was designed to keep away moisture from electrical wires. Aptly called the 3M Electrical Moisture, it is a thick tape measuring 45 millimeters and is actually made of PVC backing to give it that extra durability.

The range of electrical tapes that 3M offers covers almost all the likely areas that it may be used for. All the electrical adhesives are durable and sturdy and the material or the binding material does not give way. The tapes are available in most hardware shops and it is recommended that everyone should stock at least the basic version of the 3M electrical tape. You never know where you may discover an open wire that you may want to fix at home.